Cutting Wedge® Classic

CUTTING WEDGE® CLASSIC can be installed to create seamless absorptive walls, and enhance imaging by reducing unwanted reflections in broadcast and recording studios or other critical listening environments.

Prevent destructive specular reflections. Eliminate room modes, comb filtering, standing waves and undesirable specular artifacts. Attenuate sound pressure build-up in rooms. Line soundproof enclosures.

Available Sizes:  1'x1' and 2'x4' Sheets. 2", 3", 4" Thick. 

Material:  Open Cell Polyurethane Foam
Density: 2 pound cubic foot
Flammability: Meets UL94HF-1
Flame Spread = 95
Smoke Density = 340
Tensile Strength = 20 PSI

Available Colors: Charcoal (Polyurethane)

Cutting Wedge® Classic