FabTec™ Acoustic Foam Panels

FabTec™ sound absorption panels are a combination of FireFlex Class 1 melamine acoustical foam faced with a non-woven fabric. These panels are very lightweight and weigh approximately two pounds per panel. They can be easily installed using a standard foam construction adhesive.

FabTec™ is versatile for use where field cuts are required. Panels can be trimmed using an electric carving knife. FabTec™ can also be useful when a material is needed to apply to a curved surface.  The fabric-facing is Velcro® compatible and is durable enough to stand up to heavy use. This material resists rot, mold and mildew and will not fray or unravel.

Available Sizes:  1", 2", or 3" Thickness - 24" x 48" Panels
Fire Rating:  Class A
NRC:   0.65 - 1.20

Fabtec Acoustic Foam Panels
FabTec™ Colors

Fabric Surface Specifications:         
     Contents - solution dyed polyester staple fiber
     Colorfastness to Crocking - (AATCC-8):
     Dry-excellent / Wet-excellent
     Colorfastness to Light - (AATCC-16A): 1,000 hours

Flammability - Tunnel Test (ASTM E 84-91A)
     Flame Spread - 10
     Smoke Developed - 10
     Passes corner burn - NFPA 265 UBC 8-2
     (Formerly UBC 42-2) MEA #253-94-M

Fabtec™ Absorption Coefficients