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FireFlex™ Acoustical Foam Panels

FireFlex Foam Absorbers are lightweight open cell foams used to absorb sound and reduce echo while providing a Class 1 fire rating . This material is available in various shapes and sizes to meet visual challenges with excellent fire characteristics. Similar to the Polyurethane foams, the thicker the foam, the more sound it will absorb especially in the lower frequency ranges.  It is used to reduce room reverberation, prevent comb filtering, and destructive reflections.  This material can be applied directly to walls and ceilings.
FireFlex™ Foam Wedge
Wedge installs easily to handle the toughest noise problems.
FireFlex Foam Wedge »
FireFlex™ Foam Pyramid
The pyramidal pattern allows for a uniform appearance on installation.   Withstands temperatures up to 320°F.
FireFlex Foam Pyramid »

FireFlex™ Foam Max Wedge
Designed for controlling low frequency sound.  Withstands constant temperatures up to 320°F, as well as meeting all Class 1 regulations.
FireFlex Foam Max Wedge »


FireFlex™ Wave
FireFlex™ Waves give you the option to hang their contoured shape horizontally (cloud) or vertically (baffle).
FireFlex Wave Clouds and Baffles »

Cloudscape® Ceiling Tiles

These Ceiling Tiles absorb noise and block sound transmission.  Designed to fit standard 24" x 24" grid systems or direct mount to wall or ceiling.
Cloudscape Ceiling Tiles »


FabTec is a combination of FireFlex acoustical foam with a high performance non-woven fabric.  It is lightweight and flexible.
FabTec »

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