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Traditional Acoustical Foam


Traditional Foam Absorbers are manufactured from 2 pound per cubic foot density, open-cell acoustical foam. This material is cut into various patterns, shapes and sizes.  Thicker foam will absorb more sound, especially in the lower frequency ranges. These products can be applied directly to walls, hung as baffles or used freestanding, for absorption in recording studios, home listening rooms, and factory environments.

Many of the polyurethane foam configurations are also available as Class 1.

Cutting Wedge 2000®
The Cutting Wedge 2000® design enables you to increase thickness quickly by nesting layers instead of buying different and incompatible products. Available in 1'x1' or 2'x4' sheets.
Cutting Wedge 2000® Acoustic Foam »

Cutting Wedge® Classic
Cutting Wedge® CLASSIC can be installed to create seamless absorptive walls, and enhance imaging by reducing unwanted reflections. Available in 1'x1' or 2'x4' sheets.
Cutting Wedge® Classic Acoustic Foam »

Traditional Foam Wedge
Wedge installs easily to handle the toughest noise problems. 

Foam Wedge »

Traditional Foam Pyramid
The pyramidal pattern allows for a uniform appearance on installation.  Prevents destructive specular reflections. 

Foam Pyramid »

Traditional Max Wedge
Designed for controlling low frequency sound.  Eliminate room modes, comb filtering, standing waves and undesirable specular artifacts. 
Max Wedge »
Custom Made Large Anechoic Wedges Anechoic Wedges
Also designed for controlling low frequency sound, these large foam wedges are used to create acoustic test chambers with no sound reflections. 
Anechoic Wedges »

Bermuda Triangle Trap®
The Bermuda Triangle Trap® is a broadband foam absorber that is designed to be mounted in room corners. It is especially useful to trap bass at room corners.
Bermuda Triangle  Trap® »
Sound Cylinder™
The Sound Cylinder™ is a free standing foam sound absorber; primary applications include quick mixing area or vocal booth. 
Sound Cylinder™ Foam Sound Absorber »
Composite Foam
Composite Foam products are used for applications where you need increased noise absorption, sound transmission loss and/or vibration damping.
Composite Foam for Sound Absorption »
PROP 65 WARNING: Polyurethane Foam may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.
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