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Acoustic Myths and Realities


Egg Carton Test

Egg Carton Test
Since entering the acoustics arena in the seventies, we have heard many stories over and over. One of these is that the acoustic foams are no more than a fancy packaged version of egg cartons.
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Painted Foam

Painted Foam
We tested the assumption that painted acoustical foam would not absorb sound as well as natural, unpainted acoustical foam. It didn’t work that way.
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Painted Foam

Foam Flammability
Is bedding or packing foam an appropriate material for use as an acoustical wall treatment?  This video demonstrates the consequences of saving money and using materials that are not intended as acoustic treatments in public spaces.
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Carpet on the Wall
Floor carpet was often used in studios as acoustical wall treatment. We had an independent lab test “Thick Pile Carpet” acoustically.
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