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Setting the Soundstage: How to treat your home theater like a real theater
Home Toys Oct/Nov 2012
by James DeGrandis
Setting the Stage for Acoustics First
Originally Published in Productions Magazine Sept/Oct 2012 issue.
by Nick Colleran
Tips for Better Acoustics
Christian School Products April 2012
By Nick Colleran
Auditorium Acoustics
Christian School Products November 2011
By Nick Colleran
Sanctuary Acosutics - acoustical panels, diffusers, bass traps Sanctuary Sound Size and Acoustics
Religious Product News June 2011
By Nick Colleran
Gymnasium / Multipurpose Room Acoustics Sound Control in Gymnasiums
Christian School Products March 2011
By Nick Colleran
Classroom Acoustics
Christian School Products December 2010
By Nick Colleran
The State of Church Technology
Worship Facilities May 2010
Careful Consideration, Good Consultation Mean Better Acoustics
ProAudio Review April 2010
by Strother Bullins
Acoustics - A First Analysis
SoundBytes Gear Head - June/July 2009
By Nick Colleran
Studio Acoustics 101: It's the Room
Radio World 2008 September
By Michael Tarsia
Basic Acoustics
Technologies for Worship Magazine 2008 September
By Nick Colleran
Company Profile
Worship Facilities 2007 November
By Carol Badaracco Padgett
Acoustical Myths and Realities
Religious Product News 2007 October
By Nick Colleran
Meeting the Challenges of Treating Sanctuary Acoustics
S&VC podcast interview w/ Bennett Liles & Nick Colleran 2007 September
Acoustics for the Church Studio
Technologies for Worship Magazine 2007 July
By Nick Colleran
Churches should be mindful of sound control from above
Church Executive 2007 June
By Nick Colleran
Home Project Studio (A four part series)
Disc Makers 2007
By Michael Tarsia
An Acoustical Balancing Act
Church Production 2006 January
By Nick Colleran
From Start to Finish - Safe and Sound Acoustics
Facility Safety Management 2005 December
By Nick Colleran
Sound Advice for Churches
Your Church 2005 September
By Kathy Crosett
Project Studio Project, part two
Singer Magazine 2005 June
By R.A. Lindquist
Project Studio Project, part one
Singer Magazine 2005 April
By R.A. Lindquist
Creating a Home Recording Environment
Singer Magazine 2004 July
By Nick Colleran
A Primer on Materials Used for Acoustical Treatment
Church Production 2004 March
By Nick Colleran
Don't Correct the Room, Build It Right
Custom Retailer 2003 October
By Nick Colleran and John Gardner
POP Art - There's More to Acoustics than the 'Plain Old Panel'
Your Church 2003 March
By Nick Colleran
Tales from the Input Side
Home Toys 2002 February
By Nick Colleran
Cost-Effective Acoustical Treatments for your Home Studio
Disk Makers 2000 / The Golden Moment, Backbeat Books 2005
By Nick Colleran
Acoustics Then and Now
ProSoundNews 1999 November
By Nick Colleran
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