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Barriers & Vibration Control


These materials range from dense materials to block the transmission of airborne sound to devices and compounds used to isolate structures from one another and reduce impact noise.

Sound barrier materials are used to reduce the transmission of airborne sound. The BlockAid® series of products include the standard one pound per square foot non reinforced barrier, transparent material when observation or supervision is required, reinforced vinyl to create a hanging barrier partition. 
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Composite materials are manufactured from combinations of various materials from open and closed celled foams to quilted fiberglass and barrier. These products are used to block and absorb sound for machine enclosures as well as blocking airborne sound and impact noise. Some of these products include Composite Foams, StratiQuilt Blankets and Floor Underlayment. 
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Vibration Control
Vibration control products are used to absorb vibration energy and prevent structural noise transmission. These include vibration damping compounds and vibration pads, isolation hangers, and resilient clips.
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