BlockAid® Sound Barrier (MLV)

BlockAid® Vinyl Sound Barrier, also known as mass loaded vinyl (MLV), is a limp-mass material used to block unwanted noise and reduce sound transmission without reducing space. Constructed of non-reinforced high temperature vinyl with no lead fillers, this material is as heavy as lead, yet is safe and easily cut with a utility knife.

Originally designed to block transmission of sound through walls, floors and ceilings, BlockAid® is also available as a backer for Cloudscape® Ceiling Tiles to limit sound flanking over walls with ceiling grids, in Quilted Fiberglass Blankets to create sound enclosures or in Composite Foam to quiet noisy machinery. It can also be used as an effective pipe or duct wrap.

For use in new construction or retrofits, BlockAid® can be installed over studs, sandwiched between layers of drywall or applied over existing layers of drywall then covered with a finish material such as Sound Channels® acoustical wall covering.

BlockAid® Sound Barrier (MLV)

Color:  Black
Width:  54" Wide
Length:  20', 30' and 60' Rolls
Thickness:  1/8" Thick
Weight:  1 pound per square foot
Est. Weight w. Packing:
      20' roll (100 lbs.), 30' roll (140 lbs.) and 60' roll (300 lbs.)

Fire Rating:   Fire Resistant "SE" 0"
Passes:   MVSS032, UL-94 HB & FED STD 590

STC: 27

Common Installation Layouts

The Barrier and the Bell

A video showing how combinations of materials work together to control sound transmission.