Guilford of Maine Fabric

The industry standard in acoustical fabrics. 

Roll Width: 66" useable 
Content: 100% Recycled Polyester - Made in the USA
Flammability: ASTM E84 Class A or 1

Guilford of Maine FR-701

Guilford of Maine FR-701

Select from over 50 different fabric choices in a wide variety of natural colors. The color spectrum, from tans and grays or other vibrant or muted hues, allow you to create many design possibilities. This fabric is acoustically transparent and can be used to cover acoustical panels, used as speaker grill cloth or with stretch wall applications.

Guilford of Maine - Anchorage

Guilford of Maine Anchorage

Choose from more than 30 vibrant colors from "Sunshine" to "Green Apple" to add brilliant color to your acoustic installations. Fabrics may be cleaned with mild, water-free solvents or water-based cleaning agents. Can me used in many different applications.

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