Hiper Panel® Flat Panel Diffuser

The HiPer Panel®, (Flat Panel Diffuser) combines absorption and diffusion into one sound panel. This device is similar in appearance to standard fabric-covered acoustical wall panels, such as Sonora®, and can be intermixed with them.

Acoustical performance differs significantly from outward panel appearance. The patented internal structure uses two layers of absorption, separated by a barrier septum, to form a low-profile, composite absorber / diffuser product.

The layers have a pattern of wells that yield an equal distribution of absorptive and reflective regions, both vertically and horizontally. Their constructive and destructive interference with incident sound, produced by the varied hole-pattern combinations, creates significant sound scattering in the critical mid-frequencies.

Edge Design: Square
Thickness: 1" and 2" (Standard) 4" (with additional substrate.)
Typical Sizes:
Ceiling Tiles - 2' x 2' or 2' x 4' (nominal) for T-Bar Suspended Grids.
Wall Panels - Up to 4' x 10' with pattern repeating in 2' x 2' increments.
Fire Rating: Class A

HiPer Panel® - Flat Panel Diffuser