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Silent Pictures® Sight and Sound Control

Silent Pictures® combine full-color graphics with proven noise control materials to create a product that enhances room ambience, both acoustically and visually.

Silent Pictures® are created from client owned (or licensed) print ready artwork. These graphics are then printed on acoustically compatible fabric and applied to sound absorbing acoustical substrate.  Each request is customized to job specifications and can be quoted upon provision of project details.

Panels can also be provided “blank” with no image for painting on-site or local printing.

Wall panels created from customer owned photographs.
*When requesting a quotation, please provide a list of panel sizes

Ceiling Baffles manufactured using customer licensed graphics.

Material:   6 - 7 PCF Glass Fiber Core
Company Logos
Edge Design:   Square, Radius or Bevel - See Sonora®
Mounting:   Impaling Clips, Z-Clips
Thickness:   1”
NRC:   0.80 typical for one-inch panels (See chart)
Fire Rating:   Class A

Acoustical Mesh Fabric over 1", 6 - 7 PCF Glass Fiber Substrate.
Sound Absorption Coefficients*
Thickness 125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1000 Hz 2000 Hz 4000 Hz NRC
1" 0.18 0.37 0.94 1.16 1.20 1.09 0.90
2" 0.42 0.89 1.12 1.07 1.10 1.09 1.05

*Note: Acoustical performance for other thicknesses and applications will be comparable to the Sonora® Series when configured as wall panels, hanging baffles, ceiling clouds, and grid-mounting tiles.


Art Specification:

Art Specifications:

  • Customer to provide print-ready art in a high-resolution electronic format.

  • Minimum resolution required is 300 dpi Tiff, EPS or High Resolution PDF. CMYK. Fonts embedded.

  • Artwork will need to be the same size and shape as the panel face, plus an additional 4" of bleed area to allow for fabric edge and return wrap-around.

Decorative Wall Art From Digital Files
Branding, Advertising & Marketing Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants School & College Auditoriums Theaters & Concert Halls Home Theater & Home Decorating Conference Rooms Doctor & Dentist Offices Veterinarian Waiting Rooms Teleconference Centers Media Rooms Hotel Lobbies and More!
Painted on-site by artist
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