Sonora® Acoustical Ceiling Baffles - Fabric-Wrapped

Sonora® Acoustical Ceiling Baffles are suspended vertically from ceiling trusses or other supports to metal tabs or eye hooks along their top edges. All surface faces and edges of the glass fiber core are wrapped in fabric to match or accentuate room décor and coordinate with Sonora® Acoustical Wall Panels. Ceiling Baffles absorb sound on all sides and edges.

Construction: Two Pieces of 6-7 PCF fiber core.
Covering: Covered on all sides with fabric.
Thickness: 2" only
Standard Sizes: 4' (w) x 2' (h) and 8'(w) x 2' (h) (Custom Sizes available)
Mounting: Vertically with Metal Tabs

Sonora® Acoustic Ceiling Baffles - Fabric Wrapped