Sonora® Ceiling Tiles for T-Bar Suspended Grids

Sonora® Ceiling Tiles are an excellent choice for many ceiling grid applications requiring high absorption. These ceiling tiles are constructed from one piece of 6-7 PCF non-combustible and dimensionally stable glass fiber core. Core material then faced or encapsulated with a range of finish options.

Standard Thickness: 1" or 2"
Standard Sizes: 2'x2' and 2'x4' (Nominal)

Sonora® Glass Fiber Ceiling Tiles
Sonora® Ceiling Tile Tegular-Reveal

Sonora® Tegular Ceiling Tile

Fabric-Wrapped with Edge Reveal

Wrapped in Guilford of Maine Fabric for different color options 

Sonora® Square Edge Ceiling tile

Sonora® Square-Edge Ceiling Tile

Fabric-Wrapped with Square edge

Wrapped in Guilford of Maine Fabric for different color options

Sonora® Black Scrim Ceiling Tile

Sonora® Black Scrim Ceiling Tile

Black Scrim with Square edge

Classic black scrim facing to make the ceiling disappear

Sonora® White Textured Finish

Sonora® Textured Ceiling Tile

Textured White finish with Square Edge 

Classic textured ceiling tile with superior acoustic performance 

Sonora® Ultra-White Finish

Sonora® Ultra-White Ceiling Tile

Soft Ultra-White Finish with Square Edge

Ultra-white and soft for a bright, clean aesthetic

Sonora® PVC Encapsulated Finish

Sonora® PVC Encapsulated Ceiling Tile

Durable PVC Wrapped Tile with Square Edge

Cleanable PVC fabric allows use in damp or dirty environments.