Sonora® Lite Panel  (PVC Encapsulated)

Sonora® Lite PVC Encapsulated Panels provide excellent absorption when Cloudscape Baffles and Banners are not a practical solution. Sonora PVC Encapsulated Panels are a cost-effective way to reduce overall reverberation and noise buildup.

Sonora PVC Encapsulated panels are installed directly with washer plates and are ideal for ceiling spaces that have electrical, mechanical and fire suppression systems close to the deck.

Sonora PVC Encapsulated panels are a constructed of a semi-rigid fiberglass core that is self-supporting and will not sag over time. It can be covered in acoustically transparent PVC film or nylon sailcloth

Mounting: 3" diameter washer plates
Composition: 1.5PCF or  3PCF Fiberglass with PVC covering.
Thickness: 1" or 2" thick
Fire Rating: Class A - ASTM E84 25/0/50.

Sonora® Lite (PVC Encapsulated) Panel
Sonora® Lite Colors and Acoustical Data