Sonora® SoundShim™
(Tapered Acoustical Panel)

Sonora® Sound Shim™ wall panels are used for acoustical absorption combined with a strong design element. The taper, from 1” to 3” thick, creates excellent low-frequency absorption, with the added bonus of a unique architectural flare. Sound Shims™ are suitable for auditoriums, worship spaces, critical listening environments and any room requiring great acoustics.

Construction: The core construction is a 6-7 PCF tapered fiberglass, wrapped in acoustically transparent fabric. Finishes are returned to the back for a fully tailored edge.
Edge Detail: All edges are square and hardened.
Standard Mounting: Adhesive, impaling clips, two-part Z-Clips.
Acoustical Performance: Sonora® Sound Shim™ Panels provide excellent acoustical performance for auditoriums, theaters, or anywhere broad sound absorption is required.
Fire Rating: All components have a Class “A” rating per ASTM E84
Size: Custom sizes up to 4’ x 8’
Colors: Guilford of Maine FR701 Style 2100
(white and eggshell are available at additional cost)

Sonora® Sound Shim™ - Tapered Acoustical Panel
Sound Shim Acoustic Performance