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Vib-X Vibration Isolation Pad

The Vib-X Vibration Isolation Pad absorbs vibration energy and thus prevents the transmission of shock or vibration from one surface to another surface.  Vib-X Padding may be used to mount noisy machinery or to attach an independent ‘floating’ stud wall for room-within-a-room isolation. 

The cross-ribbed construction acts as an efficient energy absorber, enabling large horizontal forces to be generated without slippage or "walking" occurring.
  • Reduces structure borne acoustic noise
  • Decouples machinery vibration from structure
  • Floats sound studio and theater walls
  • Easy to cut to size with common tools
Available Sizes:  24" x 24" x 5/16"
DuPont® Neoprene Elastomer Sheet

45 Durometer Pad = 1/16" Deflection 50 psi
65 Durometer Pad = 1/16" Deflection 150 psi

Please Contact Acoustics First for any quantity pricing or a quotation for materials and shipping.
Vib-X Washer Vib-X Tubing
Vib-X sound isolation pads can be used for many different applications to float floors, walls, machinery and equipment.  The 2'x2' sheets are typically cut on-site into strips or squares to fit the requirements of the application.  Below are a couple examples of how this material can be utilized. 
Floated Floor Installation Sample - Side View:

Floated Floor Installation - Side View:

Stud Wall Installation - Front Wall View:

Stud Wall Installation - Front Wall View:

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