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Acoustical Bass Traps for Low Frequency Control

Low frequencies are particularly difficult to absorb due to their long wavelengths. Bass traps are designed and constructed to absorb these longer waves and control unwanted room resonances.  Thicker absorbers offer broadband absorption extending to lower frequencies.  These are available in many shapes, sizes and material compositions. Other materials use flexible membranes to attack low frequency resonance.  The term “bass trap” can be considered counterintuitive since some devices eliminate low frequency room cancellations, allowing the bass to be heard.
PhaseFOAM Box B Bass Trap System   PhaseFOAM Box B
The design of these corner bass traps allow the user to fill a corner completely or remove smaller triangle to create an air gap behind the unit.  These low frequency absorbers can also be applied to walls.
PhaseFOAM™ Modular Bass Traps »
FireFlex™ Max Wedge
FireFlex™ Max Wedge Acoustical Foam is designed for controlling low frequency sound while maintaining a Class A (1) fire rating.
Max Wedge Fire Rated low frequency absorbers  »
Polyurethane Max Wedge
Designed for controlling low frequency sound.  Eliminate room modes, comb filtering, standing waves and undesirable specular artifacts. 
Polyurethane Max Wedge foam absorbers »
Custom Made Large Anechoic Wedges   Anechoic Wedges
Designed for controlling low frequency sound, these custom manufactured, large foam wedges are used to create acoustic test chambers with no sound reflections. 
Anechoic Wedge Bass Traps »
  Bermuda Triangle Trap®
Designed to be mounted in room corners, these are easily the most budget-friendly choice for controlling unwanted bass at the intersection of walls.
Acoustic Foam Bass Traps for Corners
  Double Duty Diffuser™
This tried and true poly-cylindrical diffuser design will scatter sound in the mid to upper frequencies while acting as a bass trap below 500 Hz. Ideal for a variety of applications from control rooms to concert halls.
Barrel Shaped Sound Diffuser
  Geometrix™ Broadband Absorber
These curved, fabric wrapped sound absorbing units can be applied to walls, corners and where ceilings intersect. Available as quarter-rounds or half-rounds, Geometrix demonstrate outstanding performance in all frequency ranges.
Bass Traps and Corner Traps
Low Frequency Tuner   Low Frequency Tuner Panel (LFT)
This low frequency panel provides low frequency control without over-absorbing high frequency energy while trapping bass with its flexible-membrane facing.
Low Frequency Tuner Panel »

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