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DIFFUSING / SCATTERING SOUND: Sound Diffusion Explained


Diffusion in simple terms is the scattering of sound energy. When sound bounces off hard flat surfaces, the energy remains very much intact yielding discrete echoes. These echoes will produce destructive effects like comb filtering, standing waves and flutter echoes which degrade speech intelligibility and music clarity. Installing sound diffusers can deal with this problem. Diffusers interrupt discrete echoes by scattering or diffusing sound energy over a wide area without removing it from the room.  This maintains sound clarity and improves speech intelligibility.

Demonstration Summary: Using an array of ping pong balls to represent sound visually, this video simply demonstrates what occurs when sound strikes an acoustic diffuser's surface. First, you will see what happens when sound hits a flat reflective surface. The balls all bounce off at the same time and in the same direction. Then you will see what happens when sound hits a diffuser. You will immediately notice the energy of the wave of balls is scattered in all different directions and deflected at different times. This is the basic principle behind acoustic sound diffusion.



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