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Sound and Acoustical Information Articles Acoustical Articles
Read about the basics of absorption, diffusion, noise abatement and the use of acoustical materials for many different types of applications.
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Downloadable Documents and On-Line Literature On-Line Literature and Documents
Here you can view our on-line literature or download copies to your computer.
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Acoustc Educational Videos Educational Videos
Posted here are educational video resources that demonstrate acoustic principles.
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Glossary of Terms Glossary of Terms
This is distilled from several sources with the goal of being simple and concise while remaining accurate.
Glossary of Sound Terms »
Myths & Realities Myths & Realities
Test results sometimes do not match common acoustical assumptions.
Myths & Realities of Acoustic Sound Control »
Advertising - Print and Electronic Ads over the Years Advertisements - Print Ads over the Years
This section shows some of our print ads from magazines over the years.
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