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The 1014 AcoustiKit™


It's the Quick and Easy Control Room Acoustic Treatment Kit. 

The 1014 AcoustiKit™ provides enough acoustical treatment for desktop music production or a small mixing room.  It can easily be expanded or modified as the facility and the budget grow.

 The 1014 AcoustiKit™ is designed to provide all the basic elements necessary to treat a room with dimensions up to 10' by 14'

The 1014 AcoustiKit™
Product Code: AF1014

1014 AcoustiKit Layout GuideAll foam in the 1014 AcoustiKit™ is Charcoal in color.  The Art Diffusors® in the 1014 AcoustiKit™ are white, and can be painted to match the room décor.  The design, created by a professional acoustician, illustrates placement of materials in relation to the listening position.

AcoustiKit contains the following:
(48) Cutting Wedge® 2" Classic 1'x1', (2)   Bermuda Triangle Traps® 2'x1',

(2)   Art Diffusor® - Model "F" 2'x2' -OR- (2)   Art Diffusor® - Model "D" 2'x2'

Original layout:  Placement Guide (PDF)

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