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BlockAid® Transparent Vinyl Sound Barrier


Transparent Vinyl Sound Barrier is an excellent material to use over windows where sound blocking is needed, and it is desirable to retain the light coming through the windows. It is also recommended where observation or supervision is desired. Transparent Vinyl is available in rolls of 4’ x 60’ x 0.160”.  Temperature Limits:   Service range of -20° to 160° F.  

Certified flame retardant by California State Fire Marshal Registration
No. F-51.1.

Color: Clear, with slight blue tint
Width: 48" Wide
Size: 60' Rolls
Thickness: 0.160” (160 mils)
Weight: 1 pound per square foot
STC: 26

If you do not require light to pass through the barrier material,
use the Standard BlockAid® Sound Barrier.

Sound Transmission Loss (dB) Per Octave Band (Hz)
  125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1000 Hz 2000 Hz 4000 Hz STC
0.160" Thick 14 19 23 28 33 37 26
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