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Specialty Absorbers

In addition to our standard fiberglass absorbers, we have custom products to address specific acoustical needs. These include materials that both absorb and diffuse or reflect sound, of have custom facings and custom graphics. Products can be customized to meet specific requirements should you need material sized to fit, meet acoustical specifications or covered with various fabrics.

Tone Tile™ Acosutical Panels

Acoustics First Tone Tile® Paintable Panels
The design of this rigid acoustical panel system allows you to customize your sound control application. These Paintable / Printable panels, with unlimited design potential, are currently available from stock and ready to ship.
Paintable Acoustical Panel System

Geometrix Broadband Absorber

Geometrix® Broadband Bass Traps
Sculptured sound absorbing modular units used for wall and corner applications. 
Available in half-rounds or quarter-rounds. 

Geometrix Corner and Wall Absorbers »

HiPer™ Panel

HiPer Panel™
The HiPer Panel™ combines absorption and diffusion into one sound panel, similar in appearance to standard fabric-covered acoustical wall panels.
HiPer Panel™, Flat Panel Diffuser »

Sonora® Corner Bass Trap

Sonora® Corner Bass Trap
Sonora® Corner Bass Traps are used for broadband acoustical absorption with enhanced low frequency control.
Sonora® Corner Bass Trap »

Sonora® Low-Frequency Control

Sonora® Low-Frequency Control (LFC) Panel
Sonora® Low-Frequency Control (LFC) Panels are used for tuned low-frequency acoustical absorption in a 4" profile.
Sonora® Low-Frequency Control (LFC) Panel »

Sonora® Sound Shim™

Sonora® SoundShim™
Sonora® Sound Shim™ wall panels are used for acoustical absorption with a strong design element.
Sonora® Sound Shim™, Angled Absorber »

Silent Pictures™ Panels

Silent Pictures® Acoustic Art and Advertising
Silent Pictures are the perfect multi-use acoustical product when you need to combine sound control with graphics . Silent Pictures allows for printing of full color graphics.
Silent Pictures® Acoustic Art » 

Sonora Black Board

Sonora® Black Acoustic Board & Blanket
Sonora® Black Acoustic Boards & Blankets are a low-cost, light weight acoustic board with a black matte facing that have high sound absorption properties and can be installed in various ceiling or wall applications. 
Sonora® Black Acoustic Board & Blankets »
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